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Get Your Fiberglass ladder and Aluminum ladder supplies direct from Laddermalaysia

fiberglass ladderLaddermalaysia specialised in the supply of fiberglass ladder and aluminum ladder in Malaysia.

For home users in Malaysia, you can buy ladder direct from Laddermalaysia now. Your have the option of getting it shipped to your residence* or collect it direct from factory in Kajang. 

Our ladders products are designed to be light weight and yet robust in both aluminum and non-conductive fiberglass material.

Laddermalaysia fiberglass and aluminum A Frame ladders comes with boot-style shoes that allow the ladder to be used outdoor and yet gentle to the floor when used indoor. This feature also helps prevent rail splitting, the number one problem with fiberglass ladders. A tool tray on top is also provided for the convenience to both domestic user and professional tradesman, thus improving their productivity without compromising safety when using the ladder. 

Those who need to reach higher working level safely, our fiberglass and aluminium extension ladders range is the answer to their challenges.

Many also need to work on stairs , ramps, curbs, docks or other uneven surfaces. Our portable multi function ladder comes in handy to provide the versatility they seek to help them get their job done safely too. You have the options to choose our aluminum combination ladder or aluminum multi purpose ladder to suit your ladder needs.

For quality, service and competitive price, buy ladders direct from, your direct ladders partner. 

Our product range covers :

1.A Frame ladders           : Aluminum  and  Fiberglass 
2.Extension ladders         : Aluminum  and  Fiberglass
3.Multi Purpose ladders    : Aluminum  and  Fiberglass
4.Combination ladders     : Aluminum

We look forward to be your value added ladder business partner.

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* For ladders 10 feet or less